Home Decorating and Renovation – advice and useful tips


Home Decorating and Renovation – advice and useful tips

The thought of giving your home a makeover can seem daunting at first, there are numerous decisions to make, a great amount of time and energy to invest, as well as financial resources to take into account. But a fresh look for your home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on time nor on money.

1. Do your research

The internet will overwhelm you with design ideas, tips and DIY projects and it’s a good place to start . A simple search for home improvement ideas will generate hundreds of clever, innovative and ‘on a budget’ suggestions on how to make the best of the space you have, which colours or fabrics go with what, storage solutions or how to turn your garden into an oasis. Gather all material in one place, organise your thoughts and start picturing your perfect home.


Don’t rush this step. It’s important to clearly define what you like, while being aware of the practicality of whatever it is you want to do. For instance, as amazing as this suspended pirate ship room looks like, you might not have the space for it so don’t set yourself up for disappointment from the start.


Work out a budget and plan ahead The biggest mistakes people do here is either not allocating enough or spending too much.

Be realistic in relation to what you’re looking to achieve and plan for each step of the project. Most professionals are more than happy to give you advice or even meet you to discuss requirements and offer free estimates. Figure out when you want to start renovating. Consider all aspects that might affect or interfere with the work, such as other commitments, the weather, being able to find accommodation if needed, etc.

3. Hire a professional

If you are not confident in doing the work yourself or can’t find the time, energy or enthusiasm, the safest route is to contact a professional company, that can help you from start to end. Again, doing your research is vital. You’ll need to make sure that they are reliable, competent and of course affordable. Don’t just buy into a big name and assume they will rise up their reputation. Monitor their professionalism from the first call to the first visit. Are they prompt? Are they easy to get hold of? Do they keep their appointments and arrive on time? Can they give you references from past projects? Are they being clear about costs and the work they intend to do? Do they have the right people and tools? All these are signs of how dedicated the company is to their customers, as well as how passionate they are about what they do.


4. Monitor progress

If step 4 is done well, you would be kept updated throughout the project about timescales and consulted with on design, materials etc. Make sure you keep records of what you want and ensure that all requests are clearly communicated to the team of decorators so no room for misunderstandings is left.

5. Put your feet up and enjoy your new home


Plumbing and heating

If you have basic plumbing knowledge, you’re probably comfortable and confident to tackle some minor repairs, however in most cases involving heating or gas pipes, the safest option is to engage a professional plumber. When in need of a plumber, there are several things you should consider before hiring one, from reputation, experience to cost.

A plumbing mistake can potentially cause thousands of pounds worth of damage and would be a tremendous hassle, so make sure you hire a professional plumber.


Hiring a plumber checklist

5 top things to look for when booking a plumber in London

  1. Are they qualified?
  2. Are they insured?
  3. Is the price competitive?
  4. Do they guarantee their work and materials used?
  5. Are they offering a contract/written agreement?